Web 2.0

Sometimes it’s really strenuous that we are or at least could be online 24/7. We don’t need to sit at our desk in front of our computer to let people know what we’re up to. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the bath, lying in your bed, at your favourite café or even your doctor’s waiting room. There’s always a connection available, you’re never alone. I find myself scared by this fact from time to time but mostly I really enjoy being connected with people from all over the world.

Right now for example I’m sitting at our balcony. It’s the first warm and sunny day of the year, I’m talking to a friend from Great Britain, I know what my friend from Montréal is  doing at the moment, not to mention my fellow Germans who love to share their life with ‚all the poeple out there‘. Distances are of no importance anymore, you can ‚just‘ call someone in the US, check how your friends in Perú are doing, and did that girl already return from Ghana? The answer is just two clicks away.

It’s fantastic 🙂 As horrible and frightening as Web 2.0 can be, today I simply love it.  (might be just because of the weather 😉



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